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A comprehensive list of Ethanol free fuel for the U.S. & Canada

Ethanol is BAD, BAD, Bad for your most expensive and best friend.

Don't use it at all if possible. If you have to use it then treat is with an ethanol treatment like STABIL in the green bottle.

You'll get better mileage and the $$$ you save in repairs MORE than makes up for the higher price per gallon.

Our lovely club Secretary, Hooker Zip Haden and his Ranger Feb. 21, 2009. Show em your Bass tat Zip!!!

Hooker Jason Turner and his Triton TR-20 with 224 Pro XS Feb 21, 2009 Man is that a Clemson Tiger shirt? Naw it's a Volunteer shirt. 

January 17, 2009 Keowee

Hooker & Ramblin Wreck, Dan Jackson, next to his 2006 Ranger 519 VX Bass Boat with 2006 200 HP Evinrude E-Tec, 36 v 101 Lbs thrust Minn-Kotta trolling motor and Lowrance electronics.

January 17, 2009 Keowee

Hooker Dan Jackson TRYING to teach Youth Hooker Christian something about staying warm and maybe catchin a fish. 

January 17, 2009 Keowee

Hooker Ron Rutledge and Hooker Tom Osborn ready to blast off in Ron's 2008 198 VX Ranger with a Yamaha 200 January 17, 2009.

Hooker Ed Singleton in his Stratos with a Rude 150 HP. 

May 2008

Hookers Wes, Chris & Nate's first bass boat. The "MINNOW" our 16' 1991 Bumble Bee w/75 HP Mercury. This is the boat bug that bit us into Bass fishing. Yes the boat IS that small!


 December 30, 2008Our new, new to us, 1999 Astro 1800 DC, 150 Mercury Optimax w/Tempest prop. See, I don't look like a giant person so much in this boat.

Hooker Bill Batts and his Nitro X5

Hooker Rick Cantrell and his ProCraft w/250 HP Mercury. Those legs should be suing his body for "Non-Support"

Hooker T. J. Fusco and his 2006 18 ft Ranger with 175 HP Yamaha. T. J. is pictured at the bottom of the page with his first boat. Hehehe...

Hooker Tom O. with his first bass boat waitin on the beer. 

Circa 1976



I just love this boat, 1967 Stemco Super Skeeter with 40 HP Johnson. T. J. IS THAT YOUR OLD BOAT?

What the 70's looked like. 

Hooker Tom, is that you again?

Here is Hooker Ed Singleton, 1965, in his first low profile bass boat on his way to show Forrest L. Woods before Ranger boats ever started.

Rumor has it Forrest let him sleep it off on the couch then sent him home the next day.

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We still need pictures of Rick Spencer's Nitro CDC & Lew Stigall's Triton.


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